Halloween safety tips for dog owners

Halloween safety tips for dog owners

Permitting your dog to escape the chaos of doorbells, bizarre costumes and the volume of visitors is an excellent way to help your dog through the night. Halloween can be a particularly difficult time for our furry friends – here is a list of tips to help you and yours avoid the common problems with the most dangerous holiday for dogs!

  1. Just in case make sure your dog’s ID tag is up to date and secured on their collars…
  2. Keep candy away from your dog. Many candies can be toxic to dogs and cause a choke risk! Wrappers of eaten candies may also be an issue!
  3. Supervise Children and dogs should always be supervised together and this is particularly true during this highly energetic holiday!
  4. Secure dogs from Jack-O-Lanterns, candle worms and the like. Besides the obvious problems of becoming into a flame, a round tail can knock items over that can cause big trouble
  5. Costumes can be chewing hazards and some dogs just don’t like the confinement of most costumes. It might be fun for us, but look for your dog! Make sure that your dog has a good peripheral vision to allow them to fully utilize their senses…
  6. Provide a secure and quiet place for your dog. Many dogs look at their cages as a sanctuary (good training! ). The same purpose is served in a quiet room or a quiet room. Allowing your dog to escape the chaoticness of doorbells, strange costumes and the volume of visitors is an excellent way to help your dog through the night.
  7. Practice with memory training! Dog’s should come when called and practice this skill can save life! Door opening is a huge problem when the door is opened and answered dozens of times within an evening.
  8. Holiday decorations such as Silly String are fun to play with both for you and your pet… but should only be played with toys designed for them and under your supervision.
  9. Before the festivities kick off, exercise your dog! Having them mentally and physically left helps them relax more!
  10. Help your dog through difficult times Reassurance can be helpful, but make sure that you are not promoting unjust behavior.
  11. Have fun! Our pets can be a wonderful part of our celebrations but if overwhelmed they can be the opposite! There is no need to create a problem that would take weeks to fix for a few hours to have a good time, but if your dog can handle it, then have a fun!