How Long are Dogs in Heat

How Long are Dogs in Heat


As a devoted caregiver, you’ve likely noticed some changes in your female dog’s behavior that have led you to suspect she’s in heat. But you might be wondering just how long this period will last. Understanding the heat cycle can help you provide the best care for your furry friend.

Understanding the Heat Cycle

The heat cycle, also known as the estrous cycle, varies from dog to dog and is typically divided into four stages:

  1. Proestrus: The initial stage, lasting approximately 9 days. You’ll notice swelling in your dog’s vulva and a small amount of blood-tinged discharge.
  2. Estrus: This stage lasts 9 days on average. Your dog will exhibit increased interest in male dogs and may be receptive to mating.
  3. Diestrus: This period can last up to two months, whether your dog has mated or not. She will show less interest in male dogs.
  4. Anestrus: This is the resting period before the cycle starts again.

While most dogs go through two heat cycles a year, it can range from one to four times annually.

Recognizing the Signs

In addition to physical changes, you’ll notice some behavioral changes in your dog during her heat cycle:

  • Restlessness
  • Increased urination
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in behavior

Caring for a Dog in Heat

Caring for a dog in heat requires patience and understanding. Here are some tips:

  • Exercise: Continue with regular exercise, but avoid dog parks to prevent unwanted attention from male dogs.
  • Hygiene: You may want to invest in doggy diapers to keep your home clean.
  • Comfort: Provide a safe, comfortable space for your dog to relax.

Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy

If you’re not planning to breed your dog, you should consider spaying. This will prevent unwanted pregnancies and can also reduce the risk of certain health issues.

Benefits of Spaying Risks of Not Spaying
Prevents unwanted pregnancies Increased risk of unwanted pregnancy
Can reduce risk of certain cancers Increased risk of uterine infections and certain cancers


Q: How old is a dog when she goes into heat for the first time?
A: Most dogs have their first heat cycle between six months and one year of age.

Q: Can a dog get pregnant during her first heat cycle?
A: Yes, a dog can get pregnant during her first heat cycle.

Q: How can I comfort my dog when she’s in heat?
A: Provide a quiet, comfortable space for her to rest, and keep her routine as normal as possible.

Q: Can I walk my dog when she’s in heat?
A: Yes, but avoid areas with other dogs to prevent unwanted attention.

Q: What are the signs my dog is in heat?
A: Signs include swelling of the vulva, a small amount of blood-tinged discharge, increased urination, and behavioral changes.

Remember, as a caregiver, your understanding and response to your dog’s heat cycle can significantly influence her well-being. So, keep an eye on these signs, be patient and provide the necessary care.