how long do you cook corn dogs in an air fryer

how long do you cook corn dogs in an air fryer


How Long Do You Cook Corn Dogs in an Air Fryer?

As a caregiver, you understand the importance of providing nutritious and tasty meals for your loved ones. One such meal that’s easy to prepare and sure to be a hit is the classic corn dog. But how do you achieve that perfect blend of crispy outside, juicy inside, and overall deliciousness? The answer lies in your air fryer.

Why Use an Air Fryer for Corn Dogs?

Air fryers are a fantastic tool for healthier cooking. They use a convection mechanism to circulate hot air around the food, resulting in a crispy exterior with less oil used compared to traditional frying. This makes your meals healthier and can help you maintain a balanced diet for your loved ones.

Preparing the Corn Dogs

Before you start cooking, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 370°F. This ensures an even cook throughout.
  2. Remove the corn dogs from the freezer. You don’t need to thaw them; cooking from frozen helps maintain the juiciness.
  3. Place the corn dogs in the air fryer basket, ensuring there’s space between each for the hot air to circulate evenly.

How Long to Cook Corn Dogs in an Air Fryer

The optimal cooking time for corn dogs in an air fryer is 12-15 minutes. However, this might vary depending on the size of the corn dogs and the model of your air fryer.

Corn Dog Size Cooking Time
Mini 8-10 minutes
Regular 12-15 minutes
Jumbo 15-18 minutes

Checking the Corn Dogs

After the initial 12 minutes, check the corn dogs. The exterior should be golden brown and crispy. If they’re not quite ready, give them a few more minutes. Remember, the beauty of the air fryer is that you can easily monitor the cooking process.

Serving the Corn Dogs

Once cooked, let the corn dogs cool for a few minutes before serving. This allows the juices to settle and makes them easier to handle. Pair them with some ketchup or mustard, and you have a meal that’s sure to be a hit!


Q: Can I cook more than one corn dog at a time in the air fryer?
A: Yes, as long as there is enough space for the hot air to circulate.

Q: Do I need to turn the corn dogs during cooking?
A: No, the air fryer cooks evenly on all sides.

Q: Can I use this method for other types of hot dogs?
A: Absolutely, just adjust the cooking time according to the size and type of hot dog.

In conclusion, air frying corn dogs is a simple, healthier alternative to traditional frying. It’s quick, easy, and delivers delicious results every time. Happy cooking!