how to calm dogs

how to calm dogs


How to Calm Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes they can get a bit too excited or anxious. As a caregiver, it falls on you to help them manage their emotions. This guide will give you helpful tips on how to calm your furry friend.

Understand Your Dog’s Behavior

Just like humans, dogs have a range of emotions. They can feel happy, sad, anxious, excited, and a whole lot more. Understanding their behavior is the first step to calming them down.

  • Anxiety: Dogs show anxiety by pacing, trembling, or excessive barking. They might also try to escape or show signs of aggression.
  • Excitement: An excited dog will wag its tail vigorously, jump up and down, and might even play-bite.

By paying attention to these behaviors, you can understand what your dog is feeling.

Create a Calming Environment

Just as your surroundings affect your mood, the environment can also affect your dog’s behavior.

  1. Ensure your dog has a safe space, like a kennel or a specific room where they can retreat when they’re feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Minimize noise as much as possible. Loud sounds can startle your dog and cause anxiety.
  3. Use calming scents. Certain scents like lavender can have a calming effect on dogs.

Train Your Dog to Stay Calm

Training your dog can help them manage their emotions better. Here are some techniques to consider:

  • Reward calm behavior: Whenever your dog is calm, give them a treat or praise them. They’ll start associating calmness with positive outcomes.
  • Teach them commands: Commands like “Sit” or “Stay” can help redirect their energy when they’re too excited or anxious.

Use Calming Aids

There are many calming aids available that can help soothe your dog.

Calming Aid Description
Calming Treats These are treats infused with ingredients like chamomile that help calm dogs.
Anxiety Wraps These are like a tight hug for your dog and can help soothe their anxiety.
Calming Music Music designed for dogs can help them calm down.

Consult with a Vet

If your dog’s anxiety or excitement is severe or causing health issues, it might be time to consult with a vet. They can give you professional advice and might even prescribe medication if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my dog always anxious?
Dogs can be anxious for many reasons. It could be due to past trauma, changes in environment, or even because of certain health issues. Always consult with a vet if you’re concerned about your dog’s anxiety.

2. How can I calm my dog during thunderstorms?
Try creating a safe space for them where they can’t hear the thunder. You can also use calming aids like anxiety wraps or calming music.

3. Can I use human calming aids for my dog?
No. Always use products designed specifically for dogs. Human products might contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

Remember, every dog is unique and what works for one might not work for another. However, with patience, love, and a little bit of trial and error, you can help your dog lead a calmer, happier life.