Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season

Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season

While the season allows plenty of time to honor traditions and have some fun, it’s also prime time for your dog to engage in a few pranks that could best be irritating and deadly.

The holidays are in full swing and the houses are strobe lights. While the season gives plenty of time to honor traditions and have some fun, it is also prime time for your dog to engage in a little bit of mischief that could prove annoying and deadly at best.

Watch as you hang your stocking and check your naughty/nice list to be sure you are securing your dog during this busy season.

Beware the poinsettias While colorful, these large flowers may be poisonous to curious dogs that may end up with a mouthful of petals or leaves. If you have a Pug who is a chewer or who is simply curious when you are out of sight, consider putting your poinsettias out of view on a counter.

Set practice with your dog With more guests coming in and out of your home than usual it is wise to increase your command practice. The Place Command is always a fun addition for busy holiday homes as it gives guests a chance to be comfortable with your well-behaved dog. The place also guarantees that your dog won’t sneak during the mob fight out of the front door and leads to you turning guests into a search party for your missing pooch.

Ornaments Speak to your dog if your Christmas tree is interesting and always move any ornaments out of reach. It may be awfully tempting for your dog to take an ornament off of the tree, especially if he is bored during a cold winter workday. If your dog has a history of ornamenting escapades, consider crating your dog when you are out of the office for the season.

Keep up your exercise routine This can be tempting with your busy holiday schedule and the chilly weather to skip walks with your dog. Resist the temptation to stay in the inner city and bundle up for your normal walk. Your dog needs time away from the house and the exercise that a good walk gives. Likewise, your walk is an excellent time to practice your commands. Besides, once you join together, you’ll love seeing your usual walk-run route all lighted up for the holidays.