Moving to a multiple dog household

Moving to a multiple dog household

Moving from a single dog household to a multiple dog household can be a burden and a decision that some people regret, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Age – Consider searching for a dog that is at least one year older or younger than your current dog based on the current age of your dog. Spacing out the ages of your dogs can sometimes help reduce competition and other problems that come with dogs of similar age, similar to when two puppies from the same litter are acquired.
  • Male / Female – The sex of a second dog really depends on some personality traits of the first dog. Sometimes being the opposite sex can be a good thing when it comes to a second dog, but in some cases it really doesn’t matter. Knowing the right things about your first dog will help you decide on the sex of your second dog.
  • Lifestyle – If you have an active lifestyle with your dog, ensure that your second dog has physical traits that may still support your lifestyle. Here are some examples of my points: If you’re a runner and normally run 8 miles a day with your Boxer, don’t take a Basset Hound as your second dog and expect that dog to join you on your runs. If you are very social with your dog and often tinkle people, children, and other animals, maybe a bully breed or typical protective and aggressive breeds should be crossed off your list.
  • Personality – The personality of a second dog is very important, particularly if you already have a timid and nervous dog. A confident and enthusiastic Goofball who is socially stable can help a shy and nervous dog greatly grow confidence and be brave. If you are looking for a second dog to help your first dog, consider adopting a dog that is 2 years or older. This way you have a better estimate of their personality than a very young puppy. Always ask a lot of questions when rescuing a dog from a shelter.

Moving to a multiple dog household can be a great addition to your family, so take these points into consideration and enjoy having more love in your house!