Potty Training Problems for Puppies

Potty Training Problems for Puppies

Are you having trouble with puppy potty training? We understand!

Keeping a puppy potty trained can be very frustrating. Try observing the following 4 basic rules.

The first rule is that your puppy should always be on a leash or in a cage. If you cannot watch your dog, put him in a cage. It is still up to you to be with him and keep him on a leash. It is ok and advisable to tie the leash under your chair or anywhere near to you.

Provide great feedback to your pup. When you take her out to potty, first give a command such as “Go Potty Ginger” or “Do your business Ginger” and a moment later give her lots of verbal and physical praise. This lets her know that she is doing the right thing by going outside potty-free. Take her out immediately when she is on a leash by you and makes a mistake.

The third rule is to ensure that your dog is on a regular diet and water schedule. What goes in comes out from right along like a baby; so you need to know when he is eating and drinking.

Finally, be sure to thoroughly clean up after any accidents. Using a product designed specifically to get out the urine scent.