Puppy buying tips: What prospective owners should know

Puppy buying tips: What prospective owners should know

Thinking about buying a new puppy? A dog can be a joy to have around but also a lot of hard work. And yes they all look “cute” when they are young, but they grow up.

So do some research and decide which breed best suits your family and lifestyle. There is no purpose in choosing an active breed of dog that needs a lot of exercises if you are not able to do that.

Lastly, some words of advice: if you buy a puppy, the first thing you should do is to take it to your local veterinarian and ask for a health check. This should be completed within a couple of days after you bring your new puppy home. If your puppy does its health check, ask your veterinarian to write a report to you. Informing the breeder, pet shop etc., as you may be entitled to an exchange or refund.

Always ensure that when you pay for your puppy you get a receipt, too many people just exchange cash/cheques etc and have no proof of purchase.