what can u give dogs for diarrhea


What Can You Give Dogs for Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is not a pleasant experience for anyone, including our canine companions. As a devoted caregiver, you may feel helpless seeing your fur baby in discomfort. But, don’t worry, there are several remedies you can use to treat your dog’s diarrhea at home.

1. Fasting

Fasting may seem counterintuitive, but it can help soothe your dog’s digestive system. It allows the gut to rest and recover.

  • Note: Don’t implement a full fast without consulting your vet. For puppies and small dogs, fasting can lead to hypoglycemia.

2. Bland Diet

After a period of fasting, you can introduce a bland diet to your dog’s meals. The key here is to provide easy-to-digest food that won’t irritate the gut.

  • Cooked Rice and Chicken: This is a classic combo that dogs usually enjoy.
Ingredients Preparation
1 part skinless, boneless chicken Boil in water without any seasoning
2 parts white rice Cook as usual
  • Pumpkin: Pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) is beneficial due to its high fiber content.

3. Probiotics

Just like in humans, probiotics can help restore the balance of good bacteria in a dog’s gut.

  • Puppy Probiotics: These are specifically designed for dogs and can be added to their food.

4. Hydration

Hydration is crucial as diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration, especially in small dogs and puppies.

  • Water: Make sure your dog has access to clean water at all times.
  • Pedialyte: This can help replenish lost electrolytes. But always dilute it and consult your vet before use.

5. Veterinary Care

If your dog’s condition doesn’t improve within 24 hours, it’s time to visit the vet. Persistent diarrhea can be a sign of a more serious condition.


Q: Can I give my dog over-the-counter medication for diarrhea?
A: Always consult your vet before giving your dog any medication. Some human medications can be harmful to dogs.

Q: How long should I let my dog fast?
A: For most dogs, a 12-24 hour fast is sufficient. But always consult your vet beforehand.

Q: Can I give my dog dairy products to soothe their stomach?
A: Most dogs are lactose intolerant, so dairy products are more likely to exacerbate diarrhea.