where does reservation dogs take place

where does reservation dogs take place


Where Does Reservation Dogs Take Place?


You might have heard about the groundbreaking series “Reservation Dogs,” and as a caregiver, you’re probably curious about its setting. The show is a unique portrayal of Native American life, and its location plays a significant role in its narrative. But where exactly does the story take place? Let’s dive in.

The Setting: Oklahoma

“Reservation Dogs” is set in the rural town of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The series, predominantly featuring Indigenous actors, writers, and directors, beautifully narrates the life of four Indigenous teenagers living in contemporary rural Oklahoma.

As a caregiver, the show’s setting offers a rare glimpse into the lives of people in places often overlooked by mainstream media. It’s a chance to understand the challenges, culture, and resilience of the people living in these areas, which might help you relate to those you care for who come from similar backgrounds.

The Inspiration: Real-Life Experiences

The backdrop of the show is based on the real-life experiences of its creators, Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, who both grew up in rural Oklahoma. This authenticity is reflected in the series’ characters, plots, and subtle details.

A snapshot of their experiences:

  1. Sterlin Harjo: A member of the Seminole Nation, he grew up in Holdenville, Oklahoma.
  2. Taika Waititi: Of Maori descent, he spent time in Oklahoma and experienced the Indigenous community there.

The Significance: Representation Matters

The setting of “Reservation Dogs” is significant for several reasons:

  • It brings to light the lives and experiences of Indigenous communities in rural America.
  • It challenges stereotypes and offers a nuanced portrayal of Indigenous life.
  • It provides a platform for Indigenous voices in mainstream media.

As a caregiver, understanding the significance of this representation can help you provide more empathetic and culturally sensitive care.

The Impact: A Catalyst for Change

The series has sparked conversations about representation and diversity in the media. Its setting in rural Oklahoma has also brought attention to the realities of life in these areas.

“Reservation Dogs” is not just a TV show; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling in creating social change.

Impact Description
Representation Showcases Indigenous talent and stories.
Awareness Educates viewers about life in rural Oklahoma.
Inspiration Encourages media to diversify their narratives.


Q: Is the series filmed in Oklahoma?
A: Yes, “Reservation Dogs” is filmed in Oklahoma, enhancing the authenticity of its setting.

Q: Are the actors from Oklahoma?
A: Most of the main cast members are Indigenous, and some are from Oklahoma.

Q: Does the series accurately portray life on reservations?
A: While the series is set in Oklahoma and not on a reservation, it strives to portray Indigenous life authentically.

Q: Is the series suitable for all ages?
A: The series is rated TV-MA, meaning it may not be suitable for children under 17.

Q: Where can I watch “Reservation Dogs”?
A: “Reservation Dogs” is available to stream on Hulu.

By understanding the setting of “Reservation Dogs,” you can appreciate not only the series itself but also the culture it represents, and the change it inspires. It’s a journey, a lesson, and a celebration of life in rural Oklahoma.