Breakout Dogs: Escape the backyard again!

Breakout Dogs: Escape the backyard again!

Breaking dogs: Escape From The Yard Again

Freedom awaits under the fence,

Dig a little more dirt, then we’re done.

We are now off to enjoy our day

Lingering and barking along the way

Hey neighbor, would you like to come and play?

Jump the fence and we are gone,

Across the road is the park, but leave it of cars,

No digging for me under the fence.

For instance: Chasing butterflies or being free

The death of me was doingdging cars.

– Elayne Hand

Most dogs owners have probably been at some time or another, have their dog fleeing from their property. Dogs are intelligent, once they learn to stay out, and they will do so unless you fix the problem.

The reality is that good confinement is a must for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. Basically, your property is not secure if your dog escapes any form of confinement you have for your dog, under, over, or through it. If your fences are too low, and your dog is a jumper, extend them, if your dog is a climber, place brackets on the top of your fence leaning forwards towards your yard and cover with wire (not barbed wire, ordinary fencing wire chain link or the like). While a cat might be able to climb and get over the fence, a dog may fall on its back and injure itself because dogs do not fall on their feet as cats do.

If you have holes in your fence, fixed them, if your dog is a bumblebee you have a few options, you can lay a boundary protect post around your property and your dog wears a collar if it goes too close to the fence the collar can vibrate or swing. You can also bury chicken wire or bricks or stone under the fence, cover with dirt so that when your dog tries to dig, it hits the wire or bricks or stones.

Making or buying a kennel run. The size is up to you – if the run has an open-top, put shade cloth/wire or the like over the top so your dog can’t jump or climb out. If you are one of those dog owners who think that it is cruel to have your dog locked & stored while you are at work or out for the day, or you just can’t be bothered with fixing your fences. Perhaps a dog is not the best pet for you, but keeping a dog comes with responsibility.

Not all people like dogs. Some are afraid of dogs. There’s nothing worse than a stray dog huddled up to someone who doesn’t like dogs. They may feel threatened, scared or even fear that the dog is about to attack them – or worse, that it may attack them. In this equation, you can also count children.

If your dog roams and wanders around and causes a traffic accident, you could be liable for the damages and even the pain and suffering your dog could have caused. Lastly, your dog might have left blood and die on the side of the road – not a beautiful sight.

Dog owners who walk their dog don’t want to have to deal with their wandering dog during their daily walks because anything can happen.

If you truly care about your dog and are viewed as part of your family, then you do what you can to keep them safe, happy, happy, and content as you would a human family member.