It’s all about your dog, its not about you!

It’s all about your dog, its not about you!

All too often, not well-informed new dog owners and experienced dog owners are when it comes to socializing with people and children their dog. I see it to be sure, the look on the face of the dog, its body language that says “Hey I am not happy”, while owners are not aware of what their dog is trying to tell them. It really makes me want to try to rip my hair out sometimes.

The main cause of many problems we have today with dogs is in my opinion “Human Complacency”. While some may not agree with me or be offended by me. The reality is that many people today do not feel too safe or too comfortable when they are walking dogs – and neither see nor are they aware of potential dangers. After all, many of us share our lives and homes with an animal faster than us who has teeth that can do a lot of damage and is stronger depending on size. If I were talking about another animal like a tigers for example, would people still be so complacent?

Our task as dog owners is to keep our dogs safe and to educate and keep safe those who come in contact with our dogs. Dog owners it is ok to say No if someone chooses not to listen and thinks they know better. Don’t think that by saying NO, you might offender someone, if this person is offended it is their problem, not yours.

If someone wants to come and say Hi – to your dog – be it a child or adult – who wants to come – Vous ratchet them and pat your dog on the head? Don’t you do – and stop them if they try – As a dog owner your job is to protect your dog and educate the less well-informed.

They have to first ask you, calmly and quietly. Dogs do not like to be crowded or stared at (all have personal space, the same as humans) whether it be one person or ten, ask the child or adult to stand side-on, a safe distance away (the larger your dog, the more space), then the dog has the option of :

The same applies when you are out and about in your home or when you are away if you can’t be 100% of the time, when other people or children are around, you can no longer watch your dog and what is going on around you. Invest in your dog in a situation that it can not handle just because you think its what it needs. How well supervise your dog when around children and others?

Dog owners must learn their way into the company of dogs, so they can in turn educate others on how to behave and act in the company of dogs. Sitting your dog scared or uncomfortable is an important point, don’t let complacency rule the day.