The children, the dogs and the holidays – Are you ready?

The children, the dogs and the holidays – Are you ready?

The Christmas holidays are coming up soon, so are you ready for the kids, the dogs and the holidays?

Any gathering can be a cause for concern when dogs and children are involved – it doesn’t need to be around the holidays just yet. 77% of dog bites are caused by the family dog or a friend dog. Certainly statements like “my dog wouldn’t hurt anyone” or “my dog is good around kids” should be taken with a grain of salt.

When placed in the right situation, dogs have all the potential to hurt humans, and humans are no different if they are backed into a corner. Depending on how needed, we can become verbal or physically. On the other hand, dogs use body language to communicate their stress, disbelief, discomfort or they may even growl, then bites.

All too often people don’t see the potential dangers because they feel too secure and comfortable around dogs and are often unaware of the potential dangers that come with inappropriate behaviour and unawareness.

When there are family gatherings or parties on your phone you can’t always watch your dog and what is going on around you. Your dog needs a safe place to go where it won’t be disturbed. Dogs can get very stressed and people can do stupid things.