What do you think of dog training guarantees?

What do you think of dog training guarantees?

Are you offering a performance guarantee?

Answer: Sorry no, do you? There are too many variables in dog training that I have no control over to offer any type of guarantee.

Dog training is all about me teaching how to handle / maintain and train your dog. Your dog may listen to me but your dog is not my dog. You have to do the work. I can only provide, guide and show advice – I can’t make you listen and take note of my advice or suggestions. You and your dog can also not work as I need you and to spend time with them on a daily basis.

Although I can ask you to tell me if something I have shown to you is not working for you, I can’t count on you telling me Dog training is about commitment : there are no quick fixes when it comes to training your dog.

Tradespeople such as plumbers, mechanics etc can guarantee their work and apply to most consumer goods eg cars, televisions, fridges and freezers.

Some dog training companies may offer a guarantee, it may or may not be just a gimmick to increase their client base.

As with any written guarantee, you must read the fine print about conditions that may render a warranty null – void.

Sometimes in life you find people you don’t like and dog trainers are no exception and that’s okay. If you are not happy with your dog trainer, say so and leave and find a trainer who is better suited for you.