Teaching your dog targetings and boundaries

Teaching your dog targetings and boundaries

The ‘place command’ is one of the most useful skills you can teach your dog. When we teach your dog to place, we teach them just to aim at a particular location and respect the boundary of that location. To put it simply, it means to put all four paws on a given object (that is different from the ground) and to maintain on that object in the simplest definition.

The object you are using as a place can be a professional dog training place board, a dog bed, a bench or any other object that a dog can easily sit and enjoy all four of his paws on. As your dog receives the concept of the location command, you can use your imagination and enhance their skill level by placing them on other objects like tree stumps, bricks and even your own body.

Placement is great for building the foundation for distance and distractions because your dog has to keep the boundary we have taught them regardless of what is going on around them. The uses are endless.

  • Can help in the training of fearful dogs
  • Provider of a familiar object in new environments
  • Make the dog aware of its whole body
  • A clearer definition of heel position
  • Prevention of sloppy sittings and downs
  • Teach directions