You Can Train Your Dog Not To Jump

You Can Train Your Dog Not To Jump

The ability of your dog to not jump on people is a training goal for most dog owners. It can sometimes be a bit frustrating, but it is easy to prevent.

Does your dog jump on your guest every time they arrive at your home? Here are some tips that could help you:

  • Teach your dog a reliable sit/stay position
  • Recognize that the sound of the doorbell or the turn of the knob may be a trigger for your dog
  • Get your dog to sit down before he goes to the door to ensure he has the processing time
  • Put your dog in a situation that you are prepared to handle and carry it by your side for success
  • When returning from school or work, take every opportunity to practise with your family
  • Use a leash before jumping to prevent your dog from experiencing the behavior

Teaching your dog not to jump on people is an exercise that requires repetition and follows through. It is helpful if your guests are cooperating and refrain from greeting your dog until he is seated in a position. Life happens and people come into the door so embrace these things as an opportunity to train your dog; life is full of them!