National Train Your Dog Month – Benefits of Trained Dogs

National Train Your Dog Month – Benefits of Trained Dogs

Training builds the trust of your dog

A dog becomes anxious with their new environment and not quite sure what to do with themselves. As our trainers start to set expectations and work our way through our program, they gradually increase confidence in themselves. As they gain confidence, the more you work through commands and teach them, the more they will realize that ‘I CAN do this’. As they gain confidence, they are more likely to enjoy new situations and learn to respond appropriately.

Training gives you a stronger bond with your dog

As soon as you bring your dog home, the process of bonding with it starts. In order to build a relationship with them, you must spend time with them and do things together. Nothing halts that progress more than constant frustration from the owner and constant confusion from the dog. The more you invest in one another, the more respect and trust are forged. This creates the best friendship of a famous man.

Formation = Effective communication

Dogs want to please. All your furry family member wants is for you to be happy and for you to be proud of them. As we often tell our clients, the commands that we teach are a means to a finished object. The goal is to have a well-mannered dog who is a great member of the family, but commands are a way to get there. Proper training teaches both you and your dog a way to communicate your expectations with each other efficiently.

Training could save your dog’s life

Training can and does rescue the lives of dogs every day. Remaining at the start can prevent them from bogging and running away if they get out. It can prevent fights if an unknown dog approaches yours aggressively. It can also safely bring them back to you in all kinds of situations.