Should I use potty pads?

Should I use potty pads?

Puppy pads, newspapers, potty pads or whatever you like to call them have been around for years. Many people have used them as toy training aids and they seem to be very popular and can take valuable retail space in almost all pet stores – but are they a good idea? This is just one of many topics outlined in our puppy training book.

Here is my advice when it comes to plastic mats and paper training – throw them away – just get rid of them! The only thing that you teach your puppy with paper training and pads is that it is okay to go to the bathroom in your house. Potty pads can serve a purpose and they are very useful for those dogs that live on the 78th floor of a high-rise downtown city center, but unless you are in that situation, get rid of them!

I understand the logic of some people that paper and potty pads are a transition step to complete potty training, but this logic comes with a fault. The more frequently your dog has it outside your home, the harder it is to remove the behavior later in life. If you put in the work now and do it correctly the first time you will have the advantages of actually having a dog you know not to eliminate at the house.

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