Some of the greatest dogs inventions

Some of the greatest dogs inventions

Almost everyone who has recently been inside a pet shop knows about the large selection of devices, toys, leashes and other accessories available to dogs. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of great dogs products as well as really bad ones. Let’s take a look at some of the best inventions for dogs.

Although it was not originally invented for dogs, it has crossed into our world. Disc-dog-fans have taken this simple invention and built an entire community around it, and for that reason, it makes this list!

Dublin Dog Collars are made of a polymer blend that does not fade, hold moisture or harbor bacteria… and best of all – they never smell! This is a huge advantage when your dogs play as hard as we do.

We don’t know of any dog owner who has not had at least one of these things. Chuck It not only gives us all super-human throwing capabilities but it keeps our hand free of slobber. These things rock!

While the Kong Company produces a ton of great products, I am referring to the original Kong company. The unpredictable bounce makes for a great fetch toy, the rugged construction makes for a pretty decent chew toy, and the treats spot also makes it mentally stimulating for your dog.

The Manners Minder is one of the most versatile training tools we have seen in a long time. For those that don’t know, the Manners Minder is a remote-controlled treat dispenser that can be used to modify and shape a ton of different behaviors. Click the video for a little summary. Although this product may not make it into every dog owner’s toy box, it is a very valuable tool for us as trainers.

In this list, we’ve only listed a few of the many wonderful dog inventions and accessories. Which of your favorite dog inventions or items are missing from the list?