Summer Safety: Tips And Tricks

Summer Safety: Tips And Tricks

While the summer months might be a little underway, we are nowhere near the end of our Midwest heat and humidity. The rising temperatures and sticky humidity do more than make us running for air conditioning. Also, your dog is subject to weather and can suffer from heat-related conditions. Read through a few of our favorite tips to keep your furry companion safely in the heat.

  • Shorter Walks Exercise is extremely important for your dog, but hot conditions can have serious consequences. Steer away from recurring mistakes, but take a shorter route.
  • Cooler conditions When you walk or exercise your dog, consider going out when the sun isn’t too strong. Try dawn or dusk to get cool conditions for your outdoor time.
  • Water You may your dog’s best friend, but you must ensure that water is his best pal during these hot months. Keep the water bowl of your dog full and bring water for him with you if you are planning to be more than 30 minutes on the road or on a walk. If your dog is not interested in water, offer ice cubes to increase his intake of water. Remember not that water doesn’t just need to be for drinking. It might also love a run through your hose, sprinkler or local stream.
  • A Cool Spot You may already have noticed that your dog has a preferred place to rest when the temperature rises. Some dogs walk to a tile floor, while others choose to lie directly on the air conditioning vent. Also, be sure that your dog has a nice, cool place where to enjoy it a bit.
  • Cabin Fever If you take shorter walks due to high temperatures, your dog may need a little extra exercise outside than usual. Hide a favorite treat and send him on a sniffing scavenger hunt or let him run around with the kids. Use this extra time indoors to improve your dog’s commands and practice.

Stay out there and remember to keep your dog cool this summer!