Must-Haves for your dog while on the road

Must-Haves for your dog while on the road

If you are considering a trip with your furry best friend, for the first time or for the fifth, remember to prepare for safety, relaxation and fun.

Here are just a few of our favorite travel must-haves for our dogs. Although not all dogs are the right choices, it is a great list to start with when planning and packing for your upcoming trip.

Sit your dog in the car, especially for longer trips, if it means giving them a contained place to sleep. Instead of lugging your metal or hard plastic cage from the car to the hotel and back again, consider this soft pop-up cage or something similar. It’s a great place to keep your dog safe in the car as well as at the end of the airport transport.

A Busy Toy

A long drive trip or new place can make some dogs bored or anxious. Fight these restless emotions by offering a busy toy, such as a Kong smudged with peanut butter, or a toy. These toys can keep bored puppies from shuffled around your car, their kennel or in the hotel room.

During their time here, your dog has been trained through our or program on a long and short line. Bring your dog on their normal short leash when traveling, but pack with you your long leash as your dog explores the new hotel room or area. This long leash work encourages your dog to explore safely while keeping your control.

Food and Treats

Don’t forget to pack food and treats for your canine companion when you travel! This is not a good time to experiment with new food or new treats — stick with your usual favourites in your dog. Buying a new treat is best to bring it home before you try it out. There is nothing worse than a sick dog on holiday.