Summer Puppy Dangers

Summer Puppy Dangers

If you find yourself this summer with a puppy or a dog under the age of 2, know that these little furballs of energy can keep you on your feet.

The first few months in your home are special as your dog teaches boundaries and confidence. Curious dogs are also magnets for mischief and danger. This season, ensure that you keep your pup safe.

Wandering (or Running) Away

Most of us spend extra time outdoors this summer season. A great idea is to take your puppy to the outdoors with you. He will hear new sounds, see new things and sniff lots of new smells which will give him a good base for what life is like outside his kennel and home.

Despite all this exploration comes the chance for a curious puppy to wander away from his owner. When you are outside, make sure that your dog is on a leash. When you are in your yard, ensure that your dog runs only if you have a fenced area that cannot be dragged or dug into. Puppies are smart little things and even fences aren’t immune to a determined pup.

Aggressive dogs

While most people love puppies, some dogs you may encounter at the dog park or in the neighborhood may be more aggressive than necessary. One bad encounter with an aggressive out of control dog can leave your pup furious and afraid of dogs for years to come and even lead to bad behavior like barking or lunging while on a leash.

In order to ensure you avoid this bump for your puppy (and scary situation for yourself), keep your dog on a leash safe. Beware of another dog or owner on a walk: place yourself between the dog and your puppy. No matter how happy an owner claims to be with his dog, you can never be totally certain. It’s better to play it safe and only socialize your dog with other dogs in a safe environment like ours.

What about those dog parks?

Keep your dogs on a leash. Dogs can be unpredictable and you can find ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind without the additional stress of the dog park environment.