Why Are Dogs So Cute

Why Are Dogs So Cute

Research has shown that when you look at pictures of babies or a picture of puppies, the brain reacts by flooding the body with feel-good chemicals. One particularly study showed this by showing groups of people photos of dogs of different ages and asking them to consider them as being of different ages.

In many ways, and most of all the wagging tail, many traits of a dog makes you feel a little soft inside. Dogs look very cute with their big eyes, especially when looking right at you, and when they behave in a lovely way, such as stroking paws against your skin to  to wagging their tail against your leg.

Puppies were found to be sweetest when they were most vulnerable, such as in the first weeks of their lives. Interestingly, they found that puppies are also the most attractive age of the dog, especially when their mother would normally wean them off and encourage them to be more independent. Every baby has these qualities, along with many other things we might not even notice, such as their color, shape, and even personality.

The science behind these cute faces is simple: We are biologically programmed to like human babies. There are certain characteristics that many mammals share, and these are the triggers that lead us to move into ourselves. We need people and babies that we like and care about so that humanity can continue to live, so we need them.

Dogs have learned that pulling on human heart strings is the best way to get what they want, and they have evolved since their first domestication to enable us to look at them. Studies suggest that dogs are not only created because we find puppies – dog eyes – cute, they more or less remind us of babies – because they were created in the first place. The most likely evolutionary scenario is that the dog’s ancestors must have some characteristics that elicited a caring response in humans. Like many infants, puppies have a wide range of facial expressions and body language. Cuteness, in turn, is influenced by a number of factors that affect our perception of cuteness in a variety of animal species.

Cute Dog Breeds

Silky Silky Terrier

The terrier family is not quite so good, but the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a breed that we can all say is extremely adorable. Although all dogs are generally considered cute, some seem to find their own dogs particularly attractive and very quickly become an important part of the family. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, one of the most popular breeds in the terrier family, can steal the show from the cuteness of dogs. This dog looks very attractive with its big, big eyes, big ears and big, round ears.

Dog Terrier Animal Cute Pet

The Australian Terrier is another super cute dog! Although tiny, these dogs are very confident and attentive and have a courageous personality that will always make people smile when they come into contact with these adorable Aussies. They are energetic, can withstand all weather conditions and tend to hunt small animals and objects, so be careful when you let them off the leash. An Australian Terrier can be trained with many tricks and will attract attention the next time you go to the dog park or show other dogs or parents their new tricks.

Basset Hound Hound Pet Animal Ears

We have all seen the Basset Hound in shows such as The Dukes of Hazard – everyone loves this breed! The basset hound were originally bred to hunt, however they do make for the perfect pet today as well. They are super cute and have a very distinctive look, with their droopy eyes and ears – and lets not forget – tiny little legs! The basset hound is great for children, as they are a very patient dog – however beware, as they get old, these dogs can be extremely stubborn as well, although they are one of the most loyal dogs you can have to be your best friend.

Beagle Dog Puppy Animal Pet

The Beagle is another one of our favorite cute dogs, and you will often see this dog being used by police around the world at airports to sniff through your luggage. They have been trained to detect things like drugs, so beware – despite how cute they make look, you’re not allowed to touch them!  Many of us read and watched the stories of Snoopy as a child, and maybe this is why so many of us have an affection for this breed. The beagle always looks happy, and has a very happy outlook to life as expressed through her behavior. Beagles enjoy walking, running down a trail, and are a perfect addition to any family.

Boxer Dog Pet Anima

We weren’t sure if this one should be added to the list, as many people find this dog quite the opposite of cute – however if you’re like us, then the Boxer still have something to offer in the cute department! Big floppy ears sitting over the curious looking face, with such a player nature. The boxer is a smart dog, with a soft short fur coat and walks around with grace. They are very loyal and patient, so are also great with kids.

Pomeranian Dog Pet Canine Domestic - nicarivera_03 / Pixabay
nicarivera_03 / Pixabay

And finally the Pomeranian. This is the breed that we often see celebrities with – and if they are buying them en masse, there can’t be much argument about how cute they are! The Pomeranian is an animated dog, very active and always smiling under its furry face. This is a great breed to teach tricks to and train, and they simply require short walks and a lot of love and affection at home – the perfect pet for the busy celebrity, and you!