When is it time for a new collar for dogs?

When is it time for a new collar for dogs?

One of the best ways to show off the personality of your dog is through his or her dog collars. In addition to the personalization factor, a well-maintained collar will also ensure the safety of your dog by the holding of ID tags and providing an anchor for your leash. We also need to ensure that your dog is not due for a collar upgrade because of the important role that our dog’s collars play.

  • Do you have the correct size? As your puppy grows older, you are obviously going to need a larger collar to support their growing bodies. At the same time, you want to ensure that the collar fits snugly so that it will not slip over the dog’s head when he/she pulls in the right direction. Also, make sure that you have a collar that is wide enough for the size of your dog – a collar too thin for a large dog may break if the dog has lots of pulling.
  • Is the collar from the correct material? Some synthetic nylon products are very slippery against each other and often loosen up on their own to create a fit that is way too loose. Dogs with sensitive skin can benefit from a collar that has a soft lining that sits comfortably against their skin where a rough leather collar could irritate them more.
  • Are all components in good shape? It is important to periodically check the buckle, quick-release tabs, anchor points and the material to ensure everything is in good condition. With enough tension in your leash, a broken buckle or partially chewed strap can easily break.
  • What stinks the collar of your dog? This is one of the most common reasons for the need for a new collar. With all the swimming, crawling on the ground, rough play with other dogs and other fun things dogs do every day, their collars begin to stink rapidly. Smell your dog? Does it stink? If so, strongly recommends a new one!
  • Is your dog’s collar suited to the personality of your dog? This is one of the fun things that come with a dog being a proud owner! Plain black or green is boring. There are so many other collars out there that can reflect your dog’s personality and lifestyle. Do an internet search or visit your local pet shop to find a collar that you and your dog can proudly display!