Would you groom your dog in summer?

Would you groom your dog in summer?

It is the time of the year again where the temperatures start to rise and the questions start being asked about shaving dogs. Many different theories and opinions about the benefits and risks of shaving a thick coat in summer have come through. But should you shave your dog in the summer or not?

A true opinion is also present, just like all of the other commentators on this topic – My answer is that you shouldn’t groom your dog in the warmer months. Several reasons point me to this conclusion are listed below:

  • Our dogs don’t sweat as much as we do. Their cooling process is merely handled by panting and even some sweating on the paws – a thick coat will not slow down the cooling process of a dog.
  • In hot weather, some types of fur and hair can be beneficial, and they work to protect dogs from heat stress.
  • Dogs with double-coated fur are protected against scurrying flies and mosquitoes.
  • Dogs with little or no pigmentation on their skin, like the hulk, can get extremely easily sunburned when shaved.
  • When shaved, most of the long-haired dogs look ridiculous.

Why do we all see so many shaved dogs? Do you have a different perspective on this topic, do you have better reasons why you should shave your dog?