Doggie Doors are quite awesome right?

Doggie Doors are quite awesome right?

Although most people would view a doggie door as a convenience tool to dog ownership, we often see the downsides of allowing your dog to use a doggie door freely.

Your dog can come and go whenever he or she pleases, your dog can “check out” whatever odd noise they hear immediately, you never need to get off the couch to let them out, and they don’t feel trapped in the workplace while you are working – sounds great! Although most people might view a doggie door as a convenient aid to dog ownership, we often see the downsides of giving your dog the freedom to use a doggie door freely.

In this case, giving free access to everything often contributes to a large list of behavior problems. Some issues such as fence fighting, digging, territorial issues, unsuitable chewing, inability to be confined in a cage and increased prey drive are just a few. Who the hell knows what else your dog is practiced when they are outside unattended? A dog door besides behavioral issues reduces your role in the world of your dog because you become less and less important as they are craving you for fewer things.

Don’t get me wrong: some dogs can handle the freedom of coming and going through a dog door pretty well and they never develop problems. Due to our area of practice, unfortunately we deal more often with dogs who can’t handle freedom. Instead of giving it everything you want your dog to look at you for the things they need – it directly puts you in a leadership role and enhances the connection that you are looking for. Create some boundaries and structure for your dog and teach them how you want them to behave within your house and yard. Controlling your dog’s life and actions is not cruel; it’s not mean – it’s called being a good dog owner and having the right relationship with your companion.

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