Dogs and fences

Dogs and fences

If your dog spends hours a day with the neighboring dog, what would your reaction to a dog without fence be if she met someone without a fence?

Fences are great they are designed to protect our yards privacy, prevent the poor neighbors from our yard and protect our property. But when it comes to our dogs and fences, here are a few things to keep in mind. Dogs are very athletic by nature and determined. A fence alone can not contain all dogs; I personally have two dogs that can very easily jump a six-foot fence. Even small dogs who may not be able to jump over your fence can dig under it or push boards out and squeeze through an opening. In addition to escape the fence over, under or through the fence, we also need to account for fence combat. If your dog spends hours a day with the neighboring dog against fencing each and every time, what do you think would be his or her reaction to meeting a dog without a fence between them? Fencing demonstrates grave limits to social progress and builds frustration that will reappear outside the house in the presence of other dogs. What is the right thing to do for a dog owner? If you ask me – Don’t hold a fence accountable for training and capturing your dog? Bottom line, dogs require surveillance, care, attention, effort and time – something a fence can’t provide.

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