Give Your Dog A Thanksgiving Spot

Give Your Dog A Thanksgiving Spot

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home, for family or for friends, you will likely spend the next few weeks preparing your house for the big feast. As you continue with your Thanksgiving chores, be sure that you take the time to give your dog his own Thanksgiving home.

Your dog does not need a place card or placemat. He needs rather a place to keep your event safe and chaos-free. Trainers teach a two-paw rule meaning that your dog obeys place if he has at least two paws on his side.

Here are just a few reasons why this command can make your dinner even better!

Put your dog on place during the Thanksgiving celebrations is a great way to give him a mental challenge on an otherwise busy day. Although the holding place provides more freedom than a down-stay, your dog must pay attention during a distracting environment. A challenged dog is a happy dog and the perfect place to make it happen during the holidays.