The retractable collar leash

The retractable collar leash

Leashes play a very important role in training your dog. Although they may seem like a good idea – since you can change the length of the leash of your dog from moment to moment – proper use is crucial to the proper use of it.

Retractable leashes are a pretty common item to find in the bag of a dog owner’s dog items. Below are some potential risks that are associated with these types of leashes.

  • Severe rope burns can occur if the leash becomes caught around your ankle or if you try to grab the chord with your hand as your dog reaches up and out. Yes, this can happen with any kind of leash but due to the thin and rounded construction of many of these types of strings, the potential severity of rope burn increases, both for you and your dog.
  • Retractable leashes don’t really permit a structured walk. Too much leash (as well as tension in the leash) allows the dog too much freedom during walks, which can contribute to leash reactivity when other dogs or animals are seen. Yes, you may give a shorter leash to the dog if you want to, but how many owners do this actually?
  • Leashes with retractable legs make it very difficult for your dog to learn about leash pressure and to promote pulling the leash.
  • As responsible dog owners, it is important to be considerate when out with your dog. Numerous owners give their dog about 15 feet of leash on a trail that is only 10 feet wide, meaning there is a leash that spans the entire length of the trail, and joggers, bikers and other dog owners have to figure out how to avoid your dog’s leash.