Dog park and the bad or good idea?

Dog park and the bad or good idea?

I personally am not a great fan of dog parks because when many dog owners (not all) see the sign “Dog Park” they think it gives them the right to let their dogs run with no consequences. Dog parks are specially designed for dogs and their owners, but they are not unlike any other public park that allows “Off Leash or On Leash Dogs” when it comes to the “Dog Control Act”, Manners ‘Etiquette, Common Sense and dog owners being aware of where their dog is and what it is doing. Dog parks are not suitable for all dogs.

Like humans, dogs can become stressed, anxious, fearful, exuding or aggressive. While others can be bullied or be bullied. Dogs need their owners to be standing up, protecting and guarding them, even at the dog park. Similar as looking out and help a human friend if they were in trouble or needed any help. All dogs speak to us if we chose as humans to watch, listen and learn. If your dog is aggressive, a dog park is not the place for it, but what about when your dog is a bit nervous or fearful? Also, leches which cause heat should be kept away from any park.

Dog parks should have information on the dog park manners, etiquette & rules, posted to the park by the gate entrance about what is expected from the dogs and their dogs so everyone can have an enjoyable time at the park. In some states in the United States they have police staff visiting parks randomly. They have the power to issue fines on the spot if dog owners do not keep their dogs under control – in other words their dogs cause a nuisance or are problem. Also, in some US states, dog owners who want their dog off-leash must apply for an off-leash licence.

Some of you may think that I am anti-off-leash dogs ; I am not actually, I am just anti-dog owners who do not have their dogs under control. Ob it be a dog park, park, beach, park or the like… If it is open to the public, everyone has the right to be there and enjoy their day, without being harassed by a dog. Not all dogs love people ; not all dogs love others dogs ; and so on. I do believe that dogs should have separate spaces for both small and big dogs to run and play safely. Some big dogs may view smaller dogs as prey and may kill them if given the chance to do so. Until someone throws their hands up in horror it happens! Similar situations can happen in a boarding kennel/dog day care environment if small and big dogs are held together.

That is why it is so important to have a physically present to watch the dog’s behaviour at all times.